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Bookkeeping Services

So many businesses closed their doors every year and do not survive, most of them blame the economy, too much competence,  and some others things, but the real problem with most of them is that they do not have an appropriate accounting system in place with financial information where the owner can rely and make better decisions, they do not know how much money is coming and even worse they do not know where they are spending all that money. WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU, we can have your Financials Reports and your Bank Reconciliation as often as you need them, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis, we can customize an accounting system appropriate to your business and with our online platform you have access to those reports from anywhere as long as you have internet and even from your smart cell phone or if you prefer we can send them to you by secured email.

GIVE US A CALL TO DISCUSS YOUR NEEDS, our bookkeeping services start at $99.00 per month.

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Payroll Services

Solutions That Can Help You

Without a smart plan to effectively manage your cash, your business risk, and your employees, you may find yourself facing one serious obstacle after another, even as you try to grow your business.

Payroll Processing

  • Securely manage your payroll anywhere, anytime with mobile payroll solutions.
  • Contact dedicated payroll specialists to help ensure accuracy with every payroll.
  • Provide flexible payment options to your employees: direct deposit, paper checks or pay card.

HR Support

  • Access live HR support, best practices and cutting edge technology to efficiently manage your day to day responsibilities.
  • Eliminate paper and get centralized, searchable access to stored employee and company documents.
  • Access to support with company employee handbooks, job descriptions, background checks, and more HR tools.

Risk Management

  • Get alerts, updates and compliance tools to help keep you up to date with legislative and regulatory changes.
  • Automated federal, state and local payroll tax management provides greater accuracy and efficiency no matter where you do business.

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